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Okay so.. My period is due in 3 days to 5 days (they are usually 2 or 3 days late thats why i put 5)... And my boobs hurt. They don't hurt too bad, but they hurt kinda bad. My nipples aren't darker or bigger. The only time I could have got pregnant was 4 days before my ovulation when my bf was fingering me and he could or COULD NOT have have some sperm on his finger. Also... He put them in his mouth before for lub. (Im telling you this information because ive read that saliva kills sperm.) Sooo do you think this is pregnancy boob soreness or pms boob soreness. Im so paranoid. Help


Yes, it is possible for sperm to be transferred this way and could get you pregnant.  (Assuming his hand had touched his penis, if it was only his finger in his mouth then you should be fine.)  This can also occur with sperm dropped around your vulva.  The good news this unlikely to result in pregnancy. (A quick side note: Pulling out before ejaculating is not %100 effective either.  Precum contains some sperm and it can get you pregnant.)

The symptoms you describe sounds like premenstrual syndrome(PMS).  Many women report sensitivity and/or pain in their breasts.  I really believe this is the most likely cause and not that you are pregnant.  I am not saying that means you aren't pregnant.  It does not automatically mean your pregnant if your period does not start on time.  Hormonal changes can cause a delay in your period.  ANd many women don't have consistently regular periods.  At that point getting a pregnancy test would either set your mind at ease or at least you will know the truth.  If your anxiety is really getting the best of you, you could go ahead with the test now.  That may sound odd, but it would end the anxiety now rather than later.

From what you have said, assuming the potential sperm contact is not greater than what you indicated, I doubt you are pregnant.  I think your period will come like normal.  And if the anxiety is just too much and you can't wait, consider getting tested like I mentioned above.

I hope this helps some.