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My life is in ruins since I'm diagnosed with colorectal cancer. I know it's not an end of the world, but i always was very positive person and enjoyed in every single day of my life. But now, I'm hollow man.

I keep struggling with this illness for some time now. Yesterday, doctor told me that he'll put me on Folfox treatment. I was surprised, because I don't know what Folfox is, but he assured me it is the best treatment for my form of cancer.

Is there anyone who had experience with Folfox? Is it as efficient as they want me to believe it is?

I really need some support from you, guys. I'm praying to God everything will be ok, but i'm so scared.

Good bless you all.


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Hello, Andy.

Although colorectal cancer is very serious condition, survival rates can give you hope. But you must never, NEVER stop believing. 

You said you were positive person, now reach deep inside and find spark of that optimism in you and fight for the win in this life battle.

As for Folfox, that's, in fact chemotherapy made up of drugs. Folfox is acronym of FOLinic acid, Fluorouracil and OXaliplatin. It's based on combination of drugs because various drugs kill cancer cells in different ways and that means it's more effective.

Folfox is given intravenously through a tube and have many dangerous side-effects, but that's sad truth about anti-cancer drugs.

My prayers will be with you. Endure and be stronger.