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My husband was diagnosed with colorectal adeno carcinoma with wide mestases to the lymph nodes and liver in 11/2011. It's been 7 months since the diagnosis and he has gone through 10 rounds of chemo with Leucoverin (spelling??) 5FU and Oxi, which did shrink some of the tumors; but it didn't seem to do a lot with regard to the tumors on and in the liver. Which, by the way there are 12 or more tumors, one of the tumors was as large as 13cm, others were smaller, but also massive. My husbands cancer is "high grade" or fast growing as well. He underwent surgery 3/26th, they removed 8 inches of the sigmoid colon and 24 lymph nodes, of which 10 lymph nodes tested positive for cancer. He just went through Round 11 of chemo with Avastin this time. It kicked his butt, but he has an amazing positive attitude and he fights this damn disease with poise and grace. For me, everything I have read regarding this disease is grim. I know there is no way to fully predict a persons time of expiration; what I'm looking for is an educated opinion on the matter. It's too difficult to address this topic with my husband or his Doctor, so the topic is mostly left alone. We have discussed it a little, but it tears us up inside too much to continue the conversation. I'd do anything if my husband could live through this; but deep inside I feel he will not. I'm trying to prepare myself, not only emotionally but financially for what is to come. With widely metastic adeno carcinoma that is high grade and in the liver (more cancer than liver); What is your educated opinion on how much time he "may" have left? My guess is up to 18 months, if we're lucky....But I really don't know.

Thank You for your help!


Hi, i noticed no one replied to your post, and i wanted to ask how things have gone? Unfortunately my 27 yr old daughter was diagnosed with liver mets in July 2012 and passed away in December. Her primary was cervical, and it had gone undiagnosed for 8 months. So she really didn't stand a chance, and i'm very bitter about that. I saw a man today who i recognised as the dad of one of my daughter's friends at first school. He was with a small child, his grandchild i can only presume. It breaks my heart that my daughter never got to be a mother, or get married. It kills me everyday. I hope your husband is one of the lucky ones, i really do. x