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I have been diagnosed with OCD. I don't do things repeatedly, i just always think something is wrong and always worry about medical stuff or anything that would interfere with my life (like world ending etc). However, after looking up symptoms of GAD, i think i may have that as well. Im 17. I have been to a psychiatrist before, a while ago. I have chronic shortness of breath. It all started about 4 years ago. I was short of breath for about 2 days when i was away at a hotel, then it went away. And since then it has been comming on and off. The time after that it came for about a week then went away for a couple months then came for a couple weeks then went away for a month then came for 9 months. Then right after my first day at high school it went away for a while then throughout the year it went on and off (maybe lasting a couple hours or a couple days). Then i started 10th grade and i had to finnish this english assignment really fast but i lost the book and i couldnt find that exact book anywhere. It started that day again and hasnt gone away in about a year. However, there are times when it is soo good that its almost like it isnt there. And that usually lasts a couple days and then there are times when i just feel like i cant breath at all. I worry alot. About the end of the world, about what i should major in in university (i have no idea) where i should go to university. I also dont have many friends which could also be stressing me out. I have 2 best friends and i am an independent person tho. I have been to a doctor 3 times for this. They just listened to my heart and lungs and said i was fine and it was anxiety. And kinda looked at my like i was wasting their time. I recently went on vacation and i was really worried that this would bring me down. But actually, during the day it was very minimal and only at night when i was in the hotel room did i really feel short of breath. I find that once something triggers my shortness of breath it is VERY hard to completely get rid of. Even for a couple months. Things will make it temporarily get better, but then it will just come back again in a couple hours or a couple days. I have had something similar to this with my stomach. My stomach hurt on and off for 3 weeks (lasting 1 week at a time. went away for a weekend then came back) then it just eventually went away. Im sorry this is so long. ANyways, does this sound like anxiety is causing my shortness of breath and can anxiety cause chronic shortness of breath like this?

BTW if i see one thing different with my then i always look up disease's on the internet.


I'm not a doctor but it sounds like GAD to me. I too, was diagnosed with OCD and GAD. I also have asthma. I constantly worry and am always looking up symptoms on the internet. I never use to get the shortness of breath, but recently I had to change my asthma meds and since then, I've had shortness of breath worrying that I have something more than my asthma flaring up. When I've had shortness of breath I've tried used my inhaler.......doesn't help....which leads me to believe it is anxiety. I may not even be worried about a particular thing, but the anxiety is just always there. That's what GAD is really awful if it isn't being treated. I'm currently not on any meds and finding time to exercise is hard. Exercise is really suppose to help. Try some deep breathing, it does help. Mine comes and goes too. What I try to remember is if it was a real medical condition it wouldn't come for hours, leave for hours, leave for day, come back, etc.... it would be constant or get progressively worse. I feel for you as I've had this for years and some days I feel like I can't even function!