I've been having strong symptoms of possibly anxiety since last November 2012. I'm a university student, 20 year old male. My symptoms include a lot of belching and nausea, feeling of lump in throat, weight loss, temperature/heat, shortness of breath etc. The nausea and belching are the worst symptoms.

How I might know it's anxiety is that it seems to get very bad, when I'm in class, at movie theaters, etc. and some social settings, but in general it's minimal but always there constantly. I tend to be naturally anxious as well.

I'm getting very worn out by the day to day symptoms, and don't want medication as nothing seems to work well and I'm not one to be taking prescriptions daily. I went to a doctor in May of this year and he said it sounded like anxiety but didn't seem certain since it's hard to pinpoint. Ran a thyroid and blood work, everything was fine.

If anyone has had these symptoms, and it sounds like anxiety related, I would love to hear your replies and feedback and how to possibly overcome it just so I can know it's not something else. Thoughts, breathing, therapy, etc.?