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Hi so I got my first period on February 10 2017 and I masturbated after my period a few times rubbing only. I finished in 5 days and I'm worried I don't get my period next month. Does masturbation have to do something with periods please help!!


Masturbation doesn't affect your menstrual cycle or flow. Masturbation doesn't cause pregnancy either. 

However, you may find that if you orgasm close to your period or while on your period, it intensifies your menstrual cramps a bit because orgasm is just contractions, really. 

So... why did you miss your period? If you didn't have sex with another person (a man) it is probably due to stress or because your cycles are still irregular if you recently started getting your period. Both are quite normal reasons for menstrual irregularities, so don't worry too much about it. If you did have sex though, you need a pregnancy test.