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pls help to make my periods come early.i missed my periods.i dont know wat to head doesn't work.even my head started paining from some days..pls help me..wat to eat to have periods come soon..pls help me..i am scared ..


- Why are your periods late? 

Are your periods actually irregular? Some women think if their period is not the average 28 days or if there are a few days difference from one cycle to the next that they're irregular when they're not. If you're a teen then irregular cycles are normal, it takes time for everything to start working together so don't expect your periods to be regular until your body has finished developing. Sex and health foods won't effect your menstrual cycle, but things such as stress or excessive weight loss/gain can. 

What can I do to make my periods come faster?

Why do you need to make them come faster? As long as you know for a fact you're not pregnant then you can induce your period just to put your mind at ease. You can use Provera, this gives your body progesterone to build up uterus lining, then when you stop taking it the drop in progesterone will bring on your period. You can use home methods too, parsley is the best to use as it is a mild emmenagogue meaning it relaxes your cervix, take it as a tea and drink a few time a day until period shows up. You can combine different progesterone blocking, uterine contracting and oestrogenic herbs, or try different methods. To help take vitamin C to starve the uterus of progesterone, choose a brand with fewer ingredients as bioflavinoids are added to vitamin C to protect against miscarriage. Take 1500 mg, twice in a day with plenty of wate

What can I do to make my periods regular?

Take evening primrose oil or black cohosh capsules daily to help regulate your hormones, and if you suffer cramps try using clary sage oil, as well as working better than painkillers clary sage supports estrogen production and acts on the pituitary gland to help regulate menstrual problems. The psyche can have a profound effect on menstrual cycles, if you have problems in your life address them and look at your attitude towards menstruation, learning about menstruation can have a huge effect on health. Stay healthy is basically the message here, and see your doctor to rule out anything serious and get treatment if you need it. I also recommend you use Fertility Awareness Method to track your cycles, this will show you exactly when your periods will be due as well as show if there are any problems with your reproductive cycle so you will know how to treat it to help regulate your cycles.