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Hello, people... does Metformin really help?  I am a diabetic that has done diet and exercise to control my blood sugars and now the doctor wants me on medication.  My friend is on metformin and she still has high blood sugars so I don't want to be on a medication that can mess up my body and have my sugars still elevated.  Has anyone else been on Metformin and experienced how it works for you?  Has your blood sugars gone down at all?  I have another friend that hates taking metformin.  She says she has diarrhea from it so bad that she has made a mess in her pants from taking it.  She quit taking it and she has stopped having loose stools.  I don't want that side effect to happen to me.  Should I ask the doctor if I can try another alternative?  I much rather stick with the diabetic diet and try to control my sugars that way. 


Hello, Guest... Your friend may have a different reaction to Metformin than you do.  Additionally, your doctor can prescribe a medication that doesn't have the side effects that Metformin has.  You should take medication if you cannot regulate your blood sugars by diest and exercise alone.  You may try losing weight and that could help you get off the medication.  This would be a good strategy in controlling your blood sugars. Follow your doctor's recommendations and give the Metformin a try if he prescribes it.  If it causes problems, report it to him and see about a med change.

Who else has had bad side effects with Metformin?  What type of problems did you have with it?  Did you end up changing medications?  Has anyone who is diabetic lose weight and gained control of their blood sugars so that no medication was needed?