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Hello, I'm a newly diagnosed type 2 and I have a metformin question. I've been taking metformin for one month. My doctor put me on 500mg in the morning. I started measuring my sugar levels 3 weeks ago. I take my sugar levels when I get up in the morning and before I have dinner. I'm curious as to when metformin will begin to work. My sugar levels are swinging all over the place. I've gotten lows from around 60 to highs of 180. There doesn't seem to be a pattern here. This week I'm going to diabetes class for diet instruction. Seems like I should have started class a lot sooner than this. Thanks for any info.


Hi, Your sugar numbers don't look bad. They will vary considerably even though you are on medication. In the first month, my sugars varied any where from around 60 to 280. By the time I was able to get my diet, exercise and medication right, 2 years had passed by. Now and then my levels still swing back and forth depending on the time of year. I know I cheat during the holidays but I allow myself to do that. Nevertheless, my diabetic manager seems to think I'm doing okay.


Funny that you mentioned about diabetes class because my first class was about a month after I went on meds. I was told that they wait a month to see how well the meds are working for you because then they could make proper recommendations for you. So your doctor tells you one thing initially to get you started and chances are that will change once you get in the class simply because they know how the drug in particularly working on you. However, I think I could have dietary changes within that first month that I would have benefited from.


When you go to your class consider asking your educator for a reading list (book recommendations, websites, etc.) because there won't be enough time in the classroom to learn everything you need to know. Insurance only covers a couple of sessions at most and then if you want or need more you'll have to pay out of picket which is very expensive.