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Wow, I am a bit perplexed about my doctor visit I had today.  I have been on meformin for about a year now.  I became diabetic about 5 years ago but was able to do the diet and exercise thing until I was put on metformin.  I asked the doctor about getting off of it now that my sugars have been doing good.  He said that once diagnosed with diabetes I can never come off of meformin???  I cannot believe that.  He can't be for real.  I don't want to be on metformin for the rest of my life.  I would like to be able to get off of it and just control my diabetes on my own.  I did it before so I would like to do it again.  How do I convince him to let me go off of metformin?


With diabetes, you will not be able to cure the disease, however, you will be able to manage it with diet, exercise, weight loss, and eventually, with medication.  Do you believe once you get off the metformin, your sugars will stay at a normal level?  If you had lost weight, there is a chance you may be able to get off of your Metformin.  Your doctor should not have said that you would "never" get off of it.  You could be able to get off of it if you are successful in losing weight, and your body turns itself around.  Being at a lesser weight will help your body become less insulin resistant.  This will help the cells of the body take in the glucose easier and you will have blood sugars that are within normal range.  It will not stay this way for the rest of your life.  Diabetes is a progressive disease and eventually your pancreas will stop producing insulin.  At this point, you will need insulin injections to fulfill your needs.  Keeping off the insulin for as long as you can is all you can really hope for.