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Im 17 Years Old And Awhile Ago I Realized That When My Breast Are Squeezed Milk Comes Out. I Am Not Pregnant And Haven't Been Sexually Active. I Went To The ER And They Told Me It Was Some Type Of Bacteria Infection. They Swabbed It And Sent Me A Prescription For Cephalexin 500MG. After I Finished The Prescription I Noticed No Change. I Never Went Back Because I Figured It Didnt Work And Was A Waste. Lately I Have Been Having Sharp Pains In My Breast And I Noticed A Small Lump Underneath The Skin Of My Armpit Which Came And Went. Im Not Sure What It Is Because If It Was Breast Cancer I Think The Doctor Would Have Told Me When I Went To The ER. Please Help Soon Thanks.



Listen there is many ways to find out if you have breast cancer or not, just google them and test them on yourself...



Not at all BC, carcinoma, It is a infection, if BC, you would have pain,
medical speaking, you SELF breast exam required LIKE in position,
My guess is right you have sagging breast, that keeping pinching it up. nEED MORE.


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Begin by looking at your breasts in the mirror. Raising and lowering your arms helps identify visual abnormalities.

Look for redness, changes in skin texture, dimpling, contour changes, and nipple crusting.

Breast tissue can be found above the breast and into the armpit. Your exam should cover this area.

Start in the armpit and work your way straight down, moving your hand in small circles. You are feeling for either a firm lump with identifiable borders, or a diffuse, poorly-delineated thickening.

Follow a systematic pattern, so that the entire breast, chest wall and armpit are felt.

Breasts are comprised of milk ducts and breast fat. Together, they may have a somewhat nodular consistency that may change with the menstrual cycle. You are not feeling for this nodularity, but any mass or thickening within this nodularity.

It is important that you report any abnormal findings to a qualified health professional. While most of the abnormalities that women find prove to be innocent, a few of them are dangerous and may need immediate treatment.