Just over a month ago I discovered a lump in my right breast near my nipple. When I first felt it, it was the size of a marble, maybe larger. It was VERY painful, and throbbed and ached for a few days, then the pain subsided. I went to the doctor where I was prescribed an 7 day antibiotic for what the doctor believed was an infected gland (usually happens to breastfeeding women, from what I have read). I have never been pregnant, and am consequently not breastfeeding. After I completed taking the antibiotics, the lump had shrunk, but it was still very much present to touch. I went to see my naturopathic doctor where she gave me a breast exam and felt many cysts in both of my breasts (near the time of my period), and concluded that the big lump was approximately 4cm long. She prescribed me a tincture (mix of natural remedies), and when I returned, it had shrunk 1cm. When I visited my normal doctor to tell her it hadn't gone away she gave me a referral to get a breast ultrasound done.

Both doctors just believe it's a cyst, however I've had it for about 6 weeks now, and am wondering if something like that would have gone away by now if it was quite simply just a cyst? I know that it relates to my hormones, but I already had my period two weeks ago.

Has anyone had any similar experience with breast cysts? I don't think it's anything else, I am 18, and it would be more unlikely for it to be breast cancer, from what I have been told by my doctors.

Thanks :-)