I have this friend, and even though she has been there for me at times, every situation with her is a double standard. My friend has been living with my family for about half a year now, and a problem has been developing since I became friends with her over a year ago.

If I do something "wrong", it's this big misdeed, yet she turns around and does the same thing to me and acts as if her actions are just a passing thing. For example, I once said when we were looking for a movie to watch "Just don't pick anything boring", and she took hug offense to it, asking me "Do you think every movie I pick is boring?" She threw a hissy fit and went up to her room. Yet, she can ask me, "Why do you keep watching such awful movies?" and calls me a "traitor" when I enjoy something that doesn't fit her OWN personal self, not mine.

Recently, one of her friends was harassing me, and it made me so uncomfortable that I called for a ride so I could go home. Her friend stayed over that night, and I wasn't able to go to sleep until 6am, and that was when I had our guard dog sleeping next to me.

I had told my friend on the ride home that "Your friend was flirting with me and it made me uncomfortable" and she didn't believe me; she just shook her head as though such an action could never come from a person she has mostly communicated with over the phone; a person she has only met 3 months ago. She did this, despite the fact that I believed her when she told me she was assaulted by another friend of hers, when so many of her "close friends" didn't.

This had me thinking that I wouldn't want to be friends with someone who expects me to always believe in her, even in something as small as her interest in movies, when she doesn't believe me when it counts. I told my mom, and her advice was not to do something permenant like cut off the friendship; to talk it out like friends should. But my question is, at what point do I stop "talking it out"? Is our friendship even worth talking out our problems if, at this point, I find myself not caring if she's my friend or not? Or does it seem like I'm being too unforgiving?