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Hi, I am a 37 year old woman. I have been experiencing a dull ache like feeling in my right upper thigh area now for about 2 months. My stomach is extended. I tend to get full very quickly after only eating a small portion of food. Note, I have had my right fallopian tube removed due to a tumor inside of it. This was performed last year. I am concerned about this leg pain. I have read before, that if you are or already have a form of gynelogical cancer, ecspecially ovarian cancer, that this is one of the signs. Is this true, and do I need to seek medical attention ? Thank you so much for your assistance. :'(





The fact is that the pain might be caused by the removal of the fallopian tube because your body might have not adjusted to this. Now the tumor is very serious but I am not sure if you can develop another tumor on your thigh from the tumor on your fallopian tube. The problem is that this can’t be diagnosed like this. You will have to have some test done in order to be sure if you have any growths in your thigh. The caches of cancer are low but it can happen. So try to see your doctor and see what test do you need to do. I hope this helped.


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