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Today I noticed a strange lump under my ear on my jawbone. I have had shooting pains there for a while and noticed the lump only today. It is about pea sized lump that hurts periodically.

Anyone have any idea what it is? and should i see a doctor about it right away? Im 18 yrs old so I doubt its cancer.

Thank you



In my opinion this is a lymph node that got enlarged. DO you know anything about the lymph nodes? They are a part of our immune system and they help us with fighting the infections in our body. The fact that this one got swollen means that you have some sort of an infection in your body near that lump. Do you have any problems with the ear, for instance you might have ear infection. Sometimes this can even be affected by problems in your teeth or in your throat. You have to know that this lymph node will get back to normal as soon as your infection is cleared from your body. I hope this helped.