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I have dull pain in upper left thigh area, below buttock.

I can not use left leg to go up stairs, must lead with rt. Leg. Anyone familiar with these symptoms?


I've had pain in my left leg that initially began on my upper left thigh. It gradually progressed to the outer hip bone, lower buttock, and bottom of my thigh on the left side. Climbing stairs is difficult because my left leg feels like it weighs 100 lbs. This causes my right leg to hurt from over working it. I was diagnosed with bursitis of the hip, and have many steroid injections, but have yet to have relief past a week. I've gotten at least 5 different doctors opinions, and I continue to have pain, but its getting much worse. Hopefully you have better luck. Do your body a favor, and rest the leg as much as you can. I wish you well.