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HAS anyone had similar problems!!!

i have been weightraining for over 20 yrs, and in that time i have noticed that my sternum aches really bad, when i start to breath heavy after exercise
i can actually feel a sprain if i push my chest out! sometimes it sore when i touch, but the main problem is that on exercise i get a dull ache from it thats so bad if feels like someone is standing on my chest!
i have been to hospital numerous times thinking it was heart related, but they have told me its costochondritus.
i really need help with this
no one seems to know how i can get this fixed, I HAVE TRIED REST BUT TO NO AVAIL
it as now got to the stage that iam having panick attacks ect...... usually i can be walking when it flares up first a dull aches then pressure on my chest this is really freaking me out.
also i have noticed that if i psh out with my chest i hear a loud pop! sharp pain then it gets worse¬



I have the EXACT same problem that you described. I know you posted this almost two years ago but I'm wondering if you have come up with any solutions. My condition has been gradually getting worse over the last year, to the point now where I don't go a single day without it popping at least six times and the pain is starting to become unbearable. Any suggestions?

I have done some research and found virtually no concrete answers except for people saying their doctors gave them the same costochondritus diagnosis. And it appears as though there are many people suffering from the same symptoms.

The only thing I can come up with is that my posture isn't great and I always sleep on my side so somehow having my shoulders forward all the time is creating some issue with the cartilage around my sternum. This may also be compounded by the fact that I am in law school and constantly hunched over a laptop.

I am going to try to keep my shoulders back as often as I can and start sleeping on my back (even though I've never really been able to fall asleep in this position throughout my life - we'll see). Please let me know if you have any other solutions...starting to get a little nervous about how much it's starting to hurt.