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If you don't fancy joining a gym and paying a monthly cost to workout why not grab a set of kettlebells and workout at home. There are so many different ways to train with these so why not give it a go?

Why Kettlebells?

There are so many benefits to using kettlebells instead of dumbbells to help tone up, build strength or lose weight so if you looking for a way to spice up your workouts then give kettlebells a try.

The main benefits are:

  1. They add fun and variety to your sessions and never get boring
  2. Combine strength and cardio in one session to get optimum gains
  3. Simple piece of equipment which can be transported about
  4. Improves flexibility without the use of "tedious" stretching
  5. Gives functional strength gains which are great for sports players instead of the reps and sets of traditional weights
  6. Great cardio effort without the boring repetition of a treadmill for example
  7. Caters for all abilities and ages so anyone can give this a go!

How To Complete The Workout

The workout consists of a range of exercises that can be done anywhere but probably easiest at home in your living room or any area that gives you plenty of space. Ideally a room at least 6ft high because some exercises require you to swing the kettlebell above your head. Make sure there is nothing around that can be get broken either.

Depending on your ultimate goal there are three ways in which you can complete this workout and I will give you how to do each. Most people are looking to do one of three things; burn fat, build muscle or tone up and how you do the workout will help you achieve these goals.

Burn Fat: If you are looking to torch any excess fat from your body then you need to have a higher rep count with a lower rest. The workout is a circuit of exercises so to burn fat you should complete between 15-20 reps of each exercise with just 15 seconds between each exercise, you should also complete the circuit 3 times and use a relatively low weight.

Build Strength: To achieve the goal of building strength in this workout you should be using a high weight that you can only sustain for a short period of time. Generally you need to complete each exercise with 8-10 reps and have 45 seconds between each exercise. Again repeating the circuit twice or three times if you want the added burn.

Tone Up: this is probably the most common goal I get asked about and it really means to combine elements of the other two goals because you need to burn some fat away and increase muscle mass to actually get that toned appearance. With this goal the ideal rep range is between 12 - 15 reps with 30 seconds rest between exercises and complete the circuit 3 times.

On the following page is the list of exercises and how to complete them, remember its important to practice technique slowly and get that right before attempting a heavy weight or an intense circuit. Work through each exercise with little weight to get used to it and make sure to do a gentle 5 minute warm up and some stretching prior to the circuit to avoid the risk of injury. And remember to cool down by gently walking around afterwards.

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