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ok so a while back i posted this:

now since then the pains have gotten worse..

now for the last 3 weeks ive had constant pain in my ovary area..
it also feels as though my cervix gets swollen?

ive just had yet another ultrasound (probably the 15th one)
and the results have come back saying:...

there is vascularity at the external OS (cervix)
there is 24 follicules on the right ovary and 25 on the left indicative of polycystic ovarian sundrome.

im under the understanding that most women have around 10 follicles total at any given time..

so having a total of 49 is ridiculous no? why have they not picked this up before??

im now on the waiting list to have a laprascopy done to diagnose PCOS and endometriosis..

but whats the go with the vascularity of my cervix? every thing ive looked up says cervical cancer..

now here is the scary part...

my mum had ovarian cancer, PCOS and endometriosis... it was so bad she needed a hystorectomy when she was 31 years old..
everyone in my mums family has had cancer of some sort..

my first ever pap smear showed cellular changes and i had the LETZ and colposcopy done when i was 17..

i also suffer from hypoglycemia, hyperthyroidism and im ALWAYS sick! like every week i have some sort of sickness :(

can anyone please give me some insight as to what the hell is going on with my body :(

im only 23 and i need to know whats happening to me!!


Vasculartity of the cervix does not have to necessarily mean cancer, that just means that blood vessels that supply your cervix are more prominent, so yes, it's likely that you have the feeling your cervix is swollen. I remembered your earlier posts - the horrible menstrual pains (and horrible doctor's reaction :( So, PCOS does explain a great deal of this - PCOS causes hormonal changes that than affect your reproductive organs in a ways that are combination of menstrual changes, ovulation changes or PMS symptoms, but in an irregular and unpredictable way. And it's very likely that your cervix has reacted in such way because of the hormone levels that PCOS changed - normally, cervix becomes more vascular in pregnancy, that is why, even though there is your family history, still this all does not have to directly point to the worst. And now that I looked into the matter on more, there has even been established link between polycistic ovaries and changes in blood sugar levels. How long do you have to wait for laparoscopy?


yeah i figured most of it was related to PCOS and endometriosis..

ive gotta wait 3 to 6 months for the laprascopy.. i just think its ridiculous ive been living with pain ever since i was 14!!
i sat there telling the doctors what was wrong and none of them listened to me!! LOL

im also slightly worried more so of having an autoimmune issue more so than cancer!!
i seem to have pretty much all of the issues associated with auto immune disease..
and ive seen from research that a lot of the time women that have endometreosis more than likely have an autoimmune disorder too :(


Please, don't put extra load of worries on top of everything that is going on - there is no known cause for either PCOS or endometriosis, yes, genetics plays some part in these conditions, but if it was linked with autoimmune diseases than there would already be some link established, and from what I've read - some women who have endometriosis suffer from some autoimmune disease, but the relationship is like the fact that some people who suffer from gallbladder stones also have autoimmune disease. So, there is no proof, at least on on Pub Med or Wikipedia that there is any connection.
I know how it is to wait for months and not know much - I waited two months for stomach biopsy and nearly went out of my mind completely - it's a human reaction to be scared. And the waiting is the worst, so, if you want to talk whenever - I'm here most o the time.


im not really worried!! im happy to be finally getting somewhere!!

its been years and years of this pain and sickness's
and to have a gyno laugh in my face and tell me im completely normal when i know its not!
it just makes the diagnoses sweeter! its a bad thing i have it but a good thing i know its not all in my head!! :)

i just wanna make sure i cover all bases and dont leave anything behind!!
its all to easy to get a diagnoses and clap hands and be done with it.. but i wanna make sure its the right diagnoses in the end! if you know what i mean? :)


Wow most of this explains me almost to a tee which is almost worrisome. I have pain when i insert a tampon, it almost feels like it goes to the right when i put it in. It's like my cervix is swollen. I have had like five cysts on my right ovary, I have stomach pains, pain during sex. the only thing I can count on right now is my period being on time. My grandmother and aunt have had cancers in their ovaries and uterus. My cousin has PCOS, and something that is still undiagnosed. My mother has arthritis, and fibromyalgia. And I have had a ton of problems that always seem to go in the 'invisible' folder at the doctors. I'm sick every couple days, and people say I'm faking, I'm not but I am starting to think I am's almost depressing. I never want to go to the doctors because i know I'll be 'fine' when my results come in. I feel alone and scared and I don't know what to do.


wow rita! that is so much like me!!
i get the exact same thing!!

its possible you may also have endometreosis.. i cant use tampons either as they hurt.. sex also hurts..

the as****e about endometreosis is it can only really be diagnosed by laprascopy.. this is why im waiting for surgery!

perhaps suggest this.. and ill tell you what... dont give up.. even if you go to the doctors everytime.. tell them you arent leaving without a result..

this has been going on for years and im FINALLY getting somewhere!!