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Like anyone who is involved in a sport, I'm having pain and soreness in certain muscles that negatively affect my running performance. I was asking RF's Health and Wellness Guru about some techniques I could use to release stress in my muscles. He referred me to the Julstro Technique. The Julstro Technique was created by Julie Donnelly, who is a deep muscle therapist, and shows one how to lengthen and stretch muscles and help minimize and eliminate muscle pain and injury. I like the analogy used in the introductory chapter about muscle pain. The author states: "it's like untying a knot and the rope gets longer" (21). I definitely have way too many knots that need to be untied. Here is a quick review of one of the ebooks in the Painfree series,

The layout is very accessible for quick reference, divided into three parts:

I: 7 chapters all about, in Donnelly's words, "the why and how of muscles". This chapter is useful because knowing how the muscles work will help one understand why, for example, tight calves are causing pain in the achilles tendon.

II: Julstro Treatment. This section is where one learns how to apply stretches and exercises to release spasms and knots in the muscles. This section is used with the muscle charts, trigger point charts, and glossary for easy reference and identification.

III: Muscle charts and glossaries. Included in this section are pictures of the exercises and stretches to help guide one through the routines.

Hyperlinks within the text and the back arrows in the Acrobat Reader make the ebook very easy to navigate between a specific chart in section three and the treatment in section two in which one is focusing.

I would highly recommend this series. I'm focusing on my lower legs and calves, and it is such a relief to find exercises that are releasing the knots and spasms I've been having!



i have the PF Tri book and have really made progress with Julie's program. :thumbsup:


I do and have highly recommended this book and technique to many people. All have had sucess with it. It is a definite must have for runners suffering from pain. There more information here at I also have the Pain Free Triathlete book.

Ps. If you know of anyone suffering from Carpel Tunnel definitely have them check out this technique and their sister site, I really could save them from surgery!