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I had an ectopic pregnancy(i lost my tube) in dec 05 and a miscarraige in april 06. I have been trying to have a baby for 5 months now with no luck. My periods has always been regular but after my miscarraige its became irregular. will it return to normal? Should I go and see a doctor? Will i ever get pregnant i am only 26 years old. is it harder to get pregnant with only one tube? I dont drink and i dont smoke, i drink a mutltivitamin and agnus castus for 8 months now. ( i waited for 3 months after my miscarraige to try again) i even started to drink royal jelly a month ago :'(

Please help me i am stressing out!


I have experienced miscarriages as well and became very irregular after them. It took me 6 months to concieve again and the only way I did was by using a ovulation predictor. Are you using them? Atleast find out if you are ovulating at all before getting to worried. It takes time for a womens body to get back into things after a miscarriage. Don't get to discouraged. Honestly, you only need one good ovary and tube to concieve. Only one realeases an egg each month anyway. It may make things alittle more tricky since there may be months that you don't ovulate. That is why I reccommend the ovulation tests. You can never go wrong with those. And if for some reason it shows you aren't ovulating again yet you can always speak to a fertility specialist. They have ways to force ovulation to make it easier for you to concieve. Best thing to do is to relax. Stressing can cause you to not ovulate. So relaxing is the best thing for you to do right now.