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me and my fiance' are trying to get pregnant..... i have irregular cycles (so to say but i honestly dont keep up with them) but i did my last cycle which started on April 24th it was kind of light until around April 27th or 28th and it went off on May 7th... i have  a app on my phone that helps me calculate when im ovulating and fertile. well according to this app i was fertile May 11th-16th and i had intercourse (unprotected) the day after my cycle went off which was  May 8th and then i had intercourse May 11th ( the first day i became fertile) when then waited and had intercourse the day before i ovulated which was May 16th (according to the app), then we had intercourse again the day of my ovulating about twice that day and had intercourse Saturday May 18th all the times he came inside me and i was more then once (sorry if that's to much information). i want to know my chances of being pregnant and if i could be pregnant? we really want a baby and i dont want to get all worked up and stressed because that can give me symptoms of being pregnant. 


You can get cheap ovulation tests off the internet that determine when your about to ovulate so give those a go get the 20miu there the most sensitive and you need a test line to be the same shade as the control or darker to be positive. Then wait about 2weeks to start testing. The internet also has ones just like the ovulation tests but pregnancy tests and you'll want 10miu ones there the really early pregnancy tests and can detect pregnancy as early as 8days after ovulation depending on when the egg implanted. Amazon do these! Im in the same boat with trying to get pregnant with irregular cycles and its best to get a mooncup too to use straight after sex! 

Good luck and baby dust to you!