I'm on meds for GAD and OCD, and have tried multiple SSRIs which just haven't been right, so my doctor just prescribed me Effexor XR, a SNRI, but after doing some reading, I'm wondering if he should have given my Cymbalta instead.

I've read that Effexor doesn't really begin to work on norepinephrine until you get to the higher doses, and my doctor said that he wanted to try it because it's a dual reuptake inhibitor...but there's no way my body would be able to handle a high dose because I'm med sensitive, so now I'm wondering if my doctor put me on the wrong thing seeing as we've tried multiple SSRIs and they aren't right for me which is why he said we should go for a SNRI, but at the dose I'm at and at a dose that my body would be able to handle, Effexor is essentially just another SSRI...it seems that Cymbalta might have been a better choice because it acts equally on serotonin and norepinephrine equally at all doses. Am I right in thinking that? Should I ask my doctor? I'm lost.