I had my gallbladder removed laparoscopically and was sick at home for three weeks. I thought I should be getting better but I was getting severe pain in my abdomen and was having trouble breathing. I went back to the hospital the surgery was done and an x-ray showed a pocket in my abdomen. I was admitted under a different doctor. The doctor who seen me said once I was admitted I could be transferred to another hospital and this one only had surgeons once a week. The doctor I got kept me five days, put an en-g tube done and suctioned out my stomach for days. All this time I had IVs and the veins kept becoming no good. I was eventually sent to the hospital with the surgeon but as a favor since my surgeon was in Cuba. When I arrived a CAT was done and a drain was put in immediately.There was a massive amount of blood and I guess bile empty and the drain was left in until I got to go home. I was transferred to a larger hospital when my surgeon came back to have a stent put in although I did not know what was to be he was sending me to have some procedure and return the same day. They could not place the stent so four days later another trip by ambulance to the same hospital and this time they put the stent in. In four days the IVs were removed and the drain and I went home when this was done. No one told me the stent would have to be removed but I have read up on it and know I will face that in the near future.

Is the removal as bad as having it put in?