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emphezema-all of the information i can get.thank you!


Unfortunately, there is no cure for emphysema. It is a disabling chronic disease that affects the lungs and all the efforts are made to prevent it from progressing.
It most commonly occurs in people who smoke and it can be said that smoking is one of the primary causes. In other cases, hereditary lack of certain protein called alpha-1-antitrypsin (AAt) could be responsible for the disease. The lack of this protein causes lung damage that proceeds to emphysema.
In this disease, lungs are not able to normally expel carbon dioxide and a patient needs to take deeper breast to get enough oxygen.
The biggest problem with emphysema is that it progresses slowly and the symptoms are not noticeable until the damage of the lungs has already occurred.
Besides smoking and aat deficiency, other risk factors for developing the disease are; age-as the disease occurs in people over 50 and 60. Second hand smoke exposure could be blamed as well, exposure to chemical fumes, environmental pollution, connective tissue disorders, etc

The most important thing is to quit smoking ASAP. Other treatments depend upon severity of the disease: there are bronchodilators, antibiotics, steroids, oxygen or protein therapy if this is the cause of the disease. Sometimes surgery may be necessary to remove the damaged tissue, etc