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Hi im Chris and i had drank an Energy drink last night and about an hour after i drink it i started to feel really weird .I was getting cold flashes and my heart rate sped up,i couldnt breath properly so i went home i was still feeling this way trouble breathing and cold sweats . .i think that i might of had anxiety and panic attack.can anyone please share some info? i was scared .I should of went to the hospital.I woke up today and i feel better but i still feel a little bit if cold sweat and pain in my stomach and a little bit of a weird feeling..



Hi, first of all those drinks are really bad for you. Especially if your someone that cant handle caffeine to well. If you still feel that way you should see a doctor. If that was your first time having one of those drinks however and if you suffer from anxiety you could have just gone straight to panic mode worrying about how it would effect you. I am speaking from personal experience on having anxiety all my life and figuring out what triggers a panic attack and learning to control it.