hello. im 18 years old and just recently i have noticed that i have a testicule sized lump right above my right testicule. Two days before i noticed this i obtained a new job at a sawmill full time. I read somewhere that maybe my jeans rubbing together along with walking all the time could cause it to enlarge to some degree? Im not sure about that but oh well. The lump doesnt hurt it just bugs me that its there. I have no hard time urinating and my urine is clear. It doesnt hurt to touch but when i squeeze hard it has a slight aching pain. When i lay down or sit down the bulge seems to disappear..but as soon as i think its gone, about 5 minutes later it "comes" back. I also just got over bronchitis. The real reason i havent gone to the doctors yet is because i thought that maybe it got enlarged because i was sick. So i waited it out, im not sick any more and the bulge is still there. Im wanting to know if anyone thinks it is my prostate and what i should do. Any help is grately appreciated.