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hello, I am posting as a guest but will check back each day for a reply.

I am 17 years of age, back when I was 13 I first noticed a bump in the right side of my neck I didnt know what it was. It did not hurt, but was easily noticed if I ran my hand along my neck. At that time it was probably around .5 cm in diameter.

At age 15 I got shared a drink and ended up with mono. I showed the signs of mono and went to the doctor for blood work and antibiotics (amoxicillin). The virus swelled mainly the nodes in the right side of my neck to 1cm diameter (behind ear, below skull, and along the muscle down my neck half way), there is 5 in total that swelled on that side(3 nodes being ~1cm that raise the skin). They only got tender but not to the point where I would hurt.

The left side only had 2 lymph nodes swell with the same tenderness. They both were hard after, and still are after the mono had gone away(I know it doesnt literally leave the system).

Randomly they will swell up a little bit but then go back to the swollen size they were, most likely due to bacteria/colds in my system. Also aprox 5-7 months after the mono symptoms went away I had 1 node swell in front of my neck, above adams apple/below chin. It was sore so i went to the doctors and they said mono was most likely still in my body(figures after research). The swelling and tenderness went away but the node still stood out when I would bend my neck backward.

age 16-17:Since then Ive noticed two other nodes the size of a green pea in the same area swell and get tender (above adams apple). Also the groin lymph nodes dont really worry me because they arent sore at all. They do seem large as I never noticed them when I would feel around for them prior within the past year. I dont poke/prod at any of the nodes which would irritate them, but I do check on them once a day.

Something else that does worry me in my neck that run along the sternocleidomastoid muscle in my neck are tiny hard bumps (2mm) on the muscle which were never there before(spaced along the muscle). Because of the muscle being in the general area of the lymph nodes I read that cysts can occur in someone with un/diagnosed lymphatic problems/cancers. I have blood work that I have to go get done to verify anything with a CBC (complete blood count).

Typing all of this information may make me sound paranoid, but not all doctors necessarily know all the causes of lymph node behavior.

Something else to put out there, growing up I had bronchitis a few times that I can remember. I also read somewhere that frequent ear infections can be linked to lymph node swelling. but i dont know if it had any permanent effect (aprox 2 ear infections per year in either or both ears over 7-9 years) but i dont get ear infections anymore.

Thanks for any ideas/input as to what this may be.


Well, you're extremely well informed, and well out of our league. We're experienced adults, not clinically trained diagnosticians, and if you don't even trust your doctor (not entirely irrational, that's why second opinions are valid), then you're headed in the wrong direction, we know less than they do, unless it's about general health and life, then we're on an even footing.

In this case, this is far too specialised: you need to be headed up the tree, to specialist medical researchers and advisers.


to behonest some people have larger or profound nodes because of low body fat. i have seen surgoens about mine and he said if they reach a size bigger than an inch not to worry they would be more of a pain to remove.. but if they are a nussiance its a quick insision. but if it was serious by now you would have known about it