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i am a woman 46 years of age experiencing severe perimenopausal symptoms since since last two months. initialy the symptoms were mild like a light spotting for many days but gradually the bleeding got worse. but i kept stalling going to my gynac thinking it would stop eventually. when it didnt i visited my doc. She made me go through several tests to rule out cancer which fortunately was ruled out but she said that i had developed an enlarged uterus and it contains a lot of menstrual blood, she sugested a DNC or removal of the uterus. to buy time she gave me some medication to stop the bleeding temporarily and put me on hormones. the flip side is these pills are making me put on a lot of weight which is a cause of distress to me. one hour brisk walking or controlling my diet is not helping to shed that weight either. please help .My belly looks bloated and i hate it like hell. i want my periods to stop permanantly and want to be back in shape :'(


Hey girl. Well, this is somewhat a serious issue, because, like you said fortunately, cancer is ruled out which the best thing about your issue. But, still, the problems remain. Have you considered uterus removal? Because large uterus might be caused by fibroids and many diseases. I want you to consider all options because my aunt did precisely that, she had cervical cancer, and fortunately for her, they caught it on time, so she removed her uterus and hasn't had any problem since. I suggest you go to your gynecologist, and consult with him or her, they will know what to do,.