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I have been on birth control (patch) and came off it at the end of July. However, when I was supposed to get my next period it never showed up. I did have unprotected sex between that time but I am not sure if I am pregnant or it's the effects of birth control. I took a test 1 day late 3 days late and went to the doctor for a urine test at 4 days. She said my uterus was swollen but that could be my period trying to come through...however, 3 weeks later, it never did. I haven't been back but the doctor said take a test when I am suppose to get my next period if it still doesn't come. I have been having ALL the normal pregnant symptoms and people say they can see the uterus area is bloated (I am a VERY tiny girl so any change is easy to see) Does this sound reassuring I am pregnant? or just birth control?


Hi there,

Causes of an enlarged uterus include uterine fibroids and Adenomyosis, which is something like endometriosis except the uterine lining tissue presents in the muscular part of your uterus. Different kinds of cancer can do this as well. 

A missed period and negative pregnancy test usually means you're not pregnant, so in case you have a condition that needs treatment, you definitely ought to go back to the doctor. Maybe, it could just be the birth control patch, which sometimes leaves lingering strange effects when you come off it, like any hormonal birth control, but just be sure and see your doc again, OK?