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Hi, I am married for two and a half year. Me and my husband both are of 26 years of age and trying for a child for almost 9 months now. Our initial efforts failed since I had thyroid problem which was detected in February this year. I am now under medication and my thyroid is under control. My doctor said that I should not face any issues in getting pregnant now. I had my last periods in 29th of May this year. Almost 1 and a half month ago. We we very hopeful this time but the test I held this morning turned into false. I am very disappointed. So is my husband but he hides his sorrow since he does not want me to feel sorry for this. Can anyone please suggest me what we should do to get a healthy baby soon. Also I am worried why i did not get my periods though i am not pregnant. Long back (before detection of my thyriod problem) i had visited another gynac, who after the anatonical test said that my uterus is tilted a bit backward but she said that that should not prevent me from getting pregnant. I am not sure if it is my body which is not supporting me to get pregnant or it is the way we intercourse. My husband is a very nice and loving man and on his coming birthday i want to gift him the good news of my pregnancy. Can some one please help me with this????



I'm 20 now and my partner just turned 20 as well. Let me just state that during the time of these events the girl WAS ON THE PILL.

We had unprotected sex for a while during June and I never ejaculated inside (we used the pullout method) and yes, I do know about pre-ejaculation. She recently had sex with another guy about 2 weeks ago though, however he did ejaculate inside.

A last week (a week before her period) she was spotting light red blood and it only lasted for one day. So she took a home pregnancy test and it came out negative. A week later (yesterday) she tried 2 tests in the same day, one first thing in the morning, her first urination, and one in the evening. Both still turned out negative. 

She's also donating an egg so she stopped taking the birth control as soon as she had the spotting because she was told that in order to donate an egg she had to stop her birth control as soon as she had her period. 

However, she's also been severely stressed out in her life at the moment throughout this entire situation. Juggling 2 guys, work, ex boyfriend issues and more. This stress has been going on for a month now and I can see how serious it is. The stress started the first day that I slept with her and has gradually gotten worse and worse, especially with her stressing over possibly being pregnant.

My partner is having some symptoms of cramping and a little nausea right, but I can't tell if it's due to the stress or if she is pregnant.She is supposed to be starting her period today so I'll get more of an answer later tonight, but I'm just paranoid.

So do you think that this is happening due to implantation bleeding or pregnancy? Or do you think that because of her age and the stress (etc. etc.) her period is just getting screwed up? Or do you think it could be something else?

Please any help would be much appreciated!!!!!! Thanks!!