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my daughter is 3 years old and for the past year and half she's been having problems with esherichia coli in vulva. she has no urinary infection. the doctor prescribed her gentamicin cream and that is all. if i stop using the cream for couple of days the redness comes back. I've been giving her cranberry tea, but it doesn't help. I'm desperate.


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Is there any discharge present as well or only irritation and redness? If discharge, especially with blood, is present, you could suspect that there’s an object inside her vagina. You never know what children can do.

Escherichia coli and other bacteria are usually present on the vulval skin, however an infection (or an overgrowth) may occur. Considering it is chronic, there is a possibility that you may be doing something wrong.

When wiping her after urination, make sure you do it from the top of the vulva down to the anus area.

Make sure your daughter’s hygiene is regularly maintained, as poor hygiene is often one of the vulvitis causes. Also, fingering. You know that small children have a habit of putting their fingers around genitals. This too can contribute to infections.

During bathing, it is possible that chemicals from the bubble baths are worsening the infection and inflammation and you just can’t get rid of it. Try to either use plain water or antibacterial soaps and see what happens in the future.

It is shame that she needs to fight this itchiness and redness so young.