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For a few weeks now I've been having an excessive amount of discharge with a hint of yellow to it. I haven't noticed any itchiness or burning sensation and everything looks same as usual. I have masturbated before using objects that I'm not sure were totally clean, though. But I've done it more than once and had no problems afterwards. I've had this yellowish discharge before (it varies from white to this) but I don't recall every getting this much and having it this colour for so long. It's not like a dark/sunshine yellow or anything, though. It's kind of like this shade but maybe a bit darker:

I'm fourteen. Is this normal? I got my period around a year ago. My periods are always really heavy and my discharge is usually a white creamy and thick substance. I heard people talking over the internet about having yellow discharge with HPV and now I'm really worried. I want to avoid doctors the best I can- even avoid telling my mom becuse this is incredibly embarrassing.

Should I be worried? Since this has started I haven't had my period- so should I wait until I get my period and see if it comes back afterwards?


It is normal to get discharge ! It's the waste product from your vagina or womb or whatever after cleaning it's self.

However, I am not sure how much is normal ?

But I guess like everything hygiene will fall into this.Make sure your wearing looser underwear and perhaps not wear as much tight clothing as this can actual be kinda unhygienic ! Also have a balanced diet ! And perhaps it could be that the soaps your using are causing an irritation try out all these and you'll work it out.If not just go to your gp and get some perscribed cream or tablets !

REALLY hope this helps x