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i am 20 year olds and have an ex-boyfriend that sarted complaining of a bump next to the opening of his urethra. he began having abdominal cramping and white/yellow discharge from his urethra. the doctors have tested him for the common STDs but nothing came back positive. within the past couple of months i have begun to have period like cramps and yellowish discharge. i have been to the gyno but no luck....scared don't know what to think...please help!


Are you saying that you gynecologist didn’t find anything on you? This is strange because it looks like some kind of bacterial infection. It doesn’t have to be an STD but E.Coli that normally lives in the intestines but may be passed from anal area to the vaginal. Bacterial symptoms usually appear at least two weeks after infection. What kind of tests did you have?
Maybe your and your boyfriend’s symptoms are just coincidence and you have some sort of underlying problem like ovarian cysts or endometriosis.

Or if you have been stressing a lot about your ex’s problem, thinking you may have it to, high stress levels can cause problems with your periods, so this could be it as well.

I would see a gyn again, maybe another one and ask for a thorough examination.
If nothing’s found, you may ask to do blood work for cortisol and adrenaline levels to see the level of stress you are under and if high levels of these hormones are affecting you in any way.

Your boyfriend’s symptoms also resemble some kind of microorganism infection, so if only common STD tests have been done, why not perform the less common ones?