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hi there,i am 30 yrs male and this last 1 month i am feeling an extra strong heartbeat in my neck & chest,i am feeling it most after a meal or when my heartbeat is pounding fast like when i drinking alcohol and even doing some cociane frequently.i am 93kg at the moment.there where moment that i feel was going to faint but i didin't. pls give me some advise.i have a 4 months old baby boy and i am scared of this problem.thank you


Hello there Gianni,

Well first of all drinking of alcohol and doing cocaine are not the best thing you can do for your heart. Sometimes symptoms of increased heart beat can be signs of panic or anxiety attack and if you have some undercover fears then this is solution but somehow I think that your problem is your heart.

The only way to find out what is really causing your heart not to work the way it should is to consult your doctor. After some tests which are usually done when heart is in question you will have your answer.

I hope that nothing serious is in question and just in case try to cut back on your bad habits.