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I hope somebody can give me some reassurance. I am 18 years old felt perfectly healthy and normal 3 weeks ago, I was always with my friends, laughing, having a great time, really physical doing weight lifting 3 times a week, had no problems.

Anyway 3 weeks ago on Friday the 13th of July I went to a friends party, had 1 beer, and a few vodka shots, and about 1 shot of Tekeila. I know this was very stupid of me, and haven't touched alcohol since and never will again. Anyway I fell asleep, woke up the saturday morning with a horrible hangover, spent the whole saturday head in toilet. By saturday evening I started to feel a lot better, still a bit hungover but a lot better.

Then the Sunday and Monday, I still felt rough but not severe. Then all of a sudden the Monday night out of nowhere, it felt like I couldn't breathe fully, like my lungs weren't fulling up 100%. I went to A&E 3 times, because of the breathing. I also had horrible stomach pains, the doctors said this was because of the being sick, now the stomach pains have nearly disappeared. The hospital also gave me a chest X ray and said everything was strictly normal.

Now today, 3 weeks lator. I still have diarrhea, which has lasted non stop for 3 weeks.

To be honest the Diarrhea doesn't bother me, what is really getting to me now is this horrible weak feeling which I have had for 3 weeks. I can't do my weight lifting like before, walking my dogs is hard work, even just walking up the stairs, I used to run up them!

It is not like a normal tired feeling like after a hard days work, it is a horrible weak feeling which is non stop, It has not eased of at all for the 3 weeks. I have also lost my appetite, I force myself to eat because I know I have to. I am drinking plenty of water, I am walking my dogs about 5 times a day, it seems to take my mind of the feeling a bit. I feel like walking for miles and miles, because it seems to help a little.

I just want this horrible feeling to go away, I keep saying it will go in a few days because my body has had a huge shock after the alcohol, but this didn't kick in 100% until 2 days after the alcohol.

I'm 18 and have only drunk about 5 times in my life. I certainly won't again. I am not an alcohol and don't want to go near alcohol.

All I want is for this weak horrible / tired feeling to go and get my life back to how it was 3 weeks ago. I can't even hang about with my friends because I feel terrible.

Surely if this was stress / anxiety, it would ware off from time to time but this is constant. I can't sleep at night and if I do I wake up really early like 7AM whereas normally I would wake up at 10AM and actually enjoy lying in bed, now I can't wait to get out.

Now 3 doctors have told me is it anxiety, and my parents have to, but its like nobody is taking me seriously, my parents just tell me to shut up and say its all in your head.

Has anyone was else experiences this? If so, then did it last long?

It's like I am a different person mentally and physically and feels like this is how I am going to be for the rest of my life!!!

I went back to the doctor today and have had a bloods test / stool test. I will find out the results Monday.

I'm just hoping they find something like a vitamin deficiency or something simple to sort out.

Anyway, I am going to go and try to sleep soon.

I'm frightened the doctors are going to advise me to go to a Psychiatric unit and turn me into a zombie at the age of 18.

Thanks for reading this :)


did you kiss any girls at the party/shared drinks and maybe you got mono?


yes i have experienced this when i was a junior in high school, ironically a couple weeks after drinking alcohol for the first time, it lasted about 4-5 months for me and literally just kinda phased out. you'll get through it



No i didn't kiss any girls but did have some sips out of some friends drinks.

What exactly were your symptoms and did you get different symptoms along the way?

Right now every morning I wake up with horrible stomach pains then feel a horrible weakness and like I'm not all there and still no energy at all.

And still have the Diarrhea, I also now have the flu.


Ok, so here we are 5 weeks after the party.

Because of this so called "anxiety", I didn't sleep for 3-4 weeks, so this made me extremely mentally and physically fatigued. I have been taking sleeping tablets for the past 4 nights which has allowed me to sleep, thank god.

I saw a psychiatrist yesterday and she said it is a mixture of anxiety and sleep deprivation, she says 3 nights sleep is not going to make up for 3 weeks no sleep.

So right now I am taking the sleeping tablets and I'm just hoping that in time the tiredness will go away and get my life back to normal.

The heart palpitations seem to come and go, but when they come on, they last for at least 1 hour, no matter how I breathe and try to ignore it.

@ Lukepa, thank you for your reply, it is really reassuring that you experienced the same symptoms, have your anxiety / heart palpitations totally disappeared now?