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Hi. Im 20 years old and I have been drinking for the past year and a half. Every single night, I feel the need to keep drinking because I feel that the withdrawals would kill me or something. Im down to about 3-6 glasses of wine a night and Im drinking a half a gallon of water, green tea and a Gatorade a day to counterbalance. I also take a daily vitamin, B-100 complex, milk thistle, acai berry, L-Arginine and Vitamin C to counter act withdrawal symptoms. The only symptoms I have are depression and anxiety. No shakes or hallucinations. Ive only gone one day in this time without alcohol. Thanks for your feedback.


hi Guest,

You really are developing a bad habit which needs some big effort to stop, the longer you drink the harder it will be to stop.  You are an alcoholic by the sounds of it and  I would be going to a drug and alcohol worker or psychologist/counsellor to get some help with it. Your doctor can also advise you.

 You don't need to do it alone, there are trained professionals to help.  Also the counselling you recieve will get to the root cause of WHY you are self medicating. Could be issues underlying or genetic predisposition to alcoholism.

 Exercise is a great help in combatting depression and anxiety too. Take up walking or gym.  Its making the decision to be healthier and following through with the positive steps to achieve it that will change your life for the better.  Mental illness isn't something you want to have in your life.  Give up the drink instead.  Swap it for something else you enjoy drinking or eating that isnt harmful. Thats what I have done even though I enjoyed drinking.  I'm used to not having it now, and it didn't take long to break the habit, about 3 to 4 weeks.