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Hi, I'm new to this site and found alot of people on here going through the same thing I am but most only seem to feel the horrible post drinking anxiety for a day or 2. My anxiety comes on about 2 days after and can last up to 2 weeks. I had some troubles lately in my life like being out of work and really struggling with money and not liking where I'm living but things have got much better. I've had a couple of weekends of going out with friends. Not super heavy drinking but about 10 beers. I am now feeling like I am going mad and may need to go to the psychiatric ward. I'm having panic attacks, depersonalization, depression, self loathing and horrible thoughts. I feel like I can't function in every day life and feel like I can't leave the house. I force myself to do things but feel anxiety about everything I do.

didn't want to come on here just to vent, even though I know I have. I just wondered if anyone else had this feelings. I've tried drinking more water, vitamins, kalms, more sleep but nothing works. The feelings normally wear off and I forget them then get drunk again and bang I'm back in the same place. All my friends drink and I feel very isolated when I don't go out and very shy when I don't drink.

Anyone feel this way  too or similar? I feel like I've got a serious mental disorder :(




every unpleasant felling that doesn't just go away on its own natural time is serious, even without the need to call it this or that disorder, but from this point, it seems to me like you know yourself what is the reason why you are going through all this - it's alcohol. I mean, when i read
I figured well... there you go. I know what 10 beers does to a person, so, even heavier than that? And I know the pressure when all your friends are ordering and drinking - you don't fit in if you don't do the same. You begin to see just what you have described - that things in real life are completely different, even small things can become difficult, let alone socializing, when there is no alcohol or similar kind of help. Thing is, it's hard to shake of all these well established ways of getting over bad feelings, but at least be well aware of how alcohol serves you as a crotch, for now. You know as well as I do that there is always danger of that weekend social drinking becoming more and more often.
If you think that talking about what your going through might help, you can always send me a private message here (the little yellow envelope :)