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Hey guys,

I posted fairly comprehensive recommendations earlier in this thread (around 12/08),
but here's a follow up...and you can trust me on this stuff; it's all from personal experience
(withdrawal episodes involving extreme visual and auditory hallucinations, severe anxiety,
inability to eat or sleep for many days at a time, etc) and, literally, thousands of hours of study.

For those of you still suffering from anxiety & sleep problems, look into:

1.) The trifecta of GABA precursors.....500mg VITAMIN C, 100mg B6 (need to be taking
additional B's as well, as in a complex), & 500mg TAURINE (amino acid). You'll notice Taurine is added
to most energy drinks, because it's calming and offsets the jitters of all that caffeine (negates the potential
anxiety that caffeine can cause).

2.) INOSITOL - you can get it at GNC, but it's much cheaper online (especialy in bulk powder form).
Start w/ 500mg a night, and increase by 250-500mg a night if you wish. It works, especially if your anxiety
is alcohol related. Be cautious of taking more than 5g nightly for more than a few weeks at a time.

3.) PASSION FLOWER (herb) - again, easy to find online. It is believed to affect the GABA receptor, which
is what alcohol has an affinity for.

and to recap a bit from my earlier post...

In short,

--Start taking your vitamins, immediately. I'm talking about a multi-vitamin and a B50 (a regular B complex isn't strong enough) anywhere from 2 -3 times a day; you can taper the amounts down as you begin feel better (as in, feel your sanity coming back).

--Get yourself educated on the relationship between alcohol and nutrition. A great place to start is a book called: "Seven Weeks to Sobriety," by Joan Larson, PhD.

--Look into a complete amino acid supplement (or use protein shakes, though it's for your mind, not your muscles)

--GLUTAMINE (amino acid) is good for giving your brain fuel, and is scientifically proven to reduce alcohol cravings.

--THEANINE (found in green tea) is good for anxiety without decreasing your alertness, as many anixety drugs do.

--MINERALS - Before bed, take magnesium, zinc, selenium, and manganese (in addition to the multi's). If you're having problems with sleep, try Flush-Free (no Flush) Niacin an hour before bed. 5HTP helps as well by increasing Serotonin levels. Nightmares are
are typically caused by low serotonin, low blood sugar, etc.

--Try CHROMIUM if you're having blood sugar issues (super tired after eating, waking up feeling hungover after
going to bed sober, etc.)

--Try to incorporate Vinegar into your diet (I like apple cider or regular white distilled).

Feel free to email me at

and lemme know how you're doing, and how well this stuff worked for you.
I'm confident it will.

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my email was left out of the original post. you can contact me at:

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excellent post, thank you.


In addition to everything I've posted above, look into the amino acid Glycine.

The following combination works great for alcohol induced anxiety.
500-1000mg Glycine
500-1000mg Taurine
500-1000mg Glutamine

100-150mg B6
Wheat grass powder.