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Hi, I will try and keep my story short, basically 6 weeks ago, I had a lot to drink and passed out, this was probably my 5th time drinking alcohol, I'm 18. Ever since I have never felt my normal self. It started off as stomach pains which have now disappeared and now I am feeling so strange mentally. My psychiatrist has told me this is anxiety and depersonalization. But this has gone beyond a joke now, I havn't felt my normal self for 6 weeks. Before I has the alcohol I was perfectally fine, I was happy, smiley, always with my friends, going to nightclubs, camping, life couldn't of been better. I also had a decent job, was saving up to start my driving lessons, I had the whole of my life ahead of me. Now I am stuck at home, can't go out because I feel terrible all the time, I also have these horrible pains from the back of my head to the front. My parents just tell me to shut up and say it's all in your head and seem to think you just snap out of it. Also, I am going to sleep at 9pm and waking up at 11am and I feel more tired than when I went to bed. I'm totally drained mentally and physically, it was only 6 weeks ago when I was playing football, swimming, weightlifting, etc. I know alcohol can cause people anxiety a few days after drinking it, but this has been 6 weeks. I've never smoked in my life, never took drugs. Has anyone else had a similar experience, I've just had enough of this now. Thanks.


Hi, I am going through similar circumstances right now (also 18 years old), it didn't have to do with alcohol or drugs, but one time a long time ago this anxiety just happend really without warning, and it stuck with me for weeks...I eventually got out of it with support from a psychiatrist and was my normal self again  and since then I have been through episodes again, getting out of them every single time. Right now I don't want to do anything because I am so depressed and anxious, that I can't even sleep and it's giving me full fledged panic attacks. I cant eat, I can't focus, and I just started my sophmore year of college so it's REALLY hard for me right now. What I can say is we both sound like we're stubborn and don't want to believe that things can help us. Literally I try to lay down for a nap and my anxiety just gets so bad that I have to sit right back up again. I know exactly how you feel and even though I'm going through the same thing, anxiety takes a long time to go away. I know even though I don't believe mine will, I know that it will, and yours will too. Hey if you ever want to talk about it, my email is _[removed]_. Good luck with everything, talk to a doctor sometime, self help things online kinda suck, you can get through it, it just sounds like it's taking you longer because you don't have a lot of support. You will though! Maybe talk to you soon, don't worry too badly.