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I have been diagnosed with a cortisol and vitamin b deficiencies. Could this be why I am having trouble losing weight. I am very active and have increased my exercise level to lose weight....I have extreme sugar cravings!



Cortisol is steroid hormone that is produced by adrenal gland. And if person has problem with adrenal gland and cortisol it is often followed with the deficiency of vitamin D. The thing is that the cortisol is usually released when your body is under stress. It is also used to lover the blood sugar. Now if your adrenal gland is not working properly your sugar cravings can be explained by the lack of cortisol. Are you using any supplements for this? Has your doctor given you any advices about this condition?

The thing is that caffeine can increase your levels of cortisol. Do you drink coffee or maybe green tea? Both contain caffeine and are easy to prepare.