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I have recently gone totally sugar free, as a result of a persistent skin rash that I am sure was caused by sugar consumption. I am totally happy with my decision to never eat sugar again, but I still get lots of sugar cravings. Are there any herbs to help me deal with that?


Hello casandra,

It's great that you gone sugar free.  I assume that means you don't add any sugar to what you eat.  Most everything you eat that is natural has sugar in it. There are foods that you can eat and vitamins and minerals you can take that can take the edge off your sugar cravings.  These include licorice  and ashwaghanda root, ginseng, chromium and vitamin B6.  The botanicals taste sweet but have very little sugar in them.  This way you get the sweet taste you need while cutting back on your sugar intake which will in turn decrease your craving for sugar.  Chromium is a mineral that is important for increasing the uptake of glucose into cells and thereby stabilizing blood sugar levels.  Vitamin B6 is a part of the Kreb cycle and it aids in the breakdown of glucose to make ATP which is needed to run most of your metabolic pathways in your cells.