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Hello. I'm 53 year old female.I've been diagnosed with osteoporosis 6 months ago. My doctor suggested me to start mild exercises to improve my bone density and muscle strength. I haven’t exercised regularly for a while, so I'm quite concerned to be honest. My doctor keep reassuring me that if I choose right exercise program, I'm absolutely safe. Still, I'm not convinced. I'm worried that exercises may increase the risk of breaking my bones.Does anyone here have the experience with osteoporosis and exercises? Did you have any problems or exercise actually improved your health? I'm asking this because I don't want to let osteoporosis getting worse, but I'm also worried that exercise might worsen it too. If you could share an advice or set of safe exercises, I'd appreciate it.


Hi. Don't worry and don't give up on exercises. Any exercise that uses extra weight, or where your feet are in contact with the ground helps build bones. Walking, hiking, dancing, marching, and other such exercises are good examples of weight-bearing exercises. Also,biking and swimming doesn't belong to weight-bearing exercises because you are supporting yourself with something other than your own weight. You can also perform jogging because it's also a great exercise for osteoporosis. Keeping active is extremely important when you have osteoporosis. Doing exercises will actually help you build thicker and denser bones. However, check with your doctor before starting any exercise program.