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I am 7 months pregnant. I don't know if that has to do with anything. But about a month ago I found this little round red bump on my butt. Kinda near my vagina. But It is on my butt not on my vagina. Its more on the inside of the crack! I know it's not an STD because i've been tested for everything and it all came back negitive. It kinda looks like a misitiqio bite. It's pink and about the size of a small pee. It almost feels like a little ball underneath the skin. It doesnt hurt. And it does not itch. I'm pretty sure it is not hemmeriods. It's been there for a month and hasnt gone away! At first I thought maybe it's just a pimple but now that it hasnt gone away yet I'm starting to freak out. Does anyone know what this could be? And how to get rid of it?


I reckon it is just a pimple, nothing else. They tend to stick around the such areas. I get them as well especially if I am sitting and working a lot or sweat. They can become painful if I touch too much or sit exactly on them.

If you are way too worried, have it checked but I never do anything about them!