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My sexual partner was recently diagnosed with HPV. This has me really concerned about genital warts. Over the last month or so I have had quite a bit of itching in my butt crack. The itching is towards the top of the crack, where it meets my back. When I run my finger over the area it feels like there are small bumps. When I look in the mirror nothing is visible. Is this an area that can be effected by genital warts? The itching is pretty constant, especially when sitting.


I don't think that itching is a symptom of warts, but if you are getting that much irritation, it sounds like something that should be examined.

Perhaps it is.

I know as a baby, I had warts in my crevase, and they were burned off in a doctors office.
Also, when I was older, in elementary school, there were several on my wrist or thumb, and
they also were treated by burning them off. These days, we freeze them off, and it's more safe.

(A number of doctors and medical assistants began developing warts in their nassal passages,
and it was determined the airborn virus and particles had been inhaled by them when treating
patiences this way.)
In the meantime, you can increase your hygene and wash more frequently.

I find I itch more depending on what foods I've recently eaten, and am now passing.
Good luck.
Let us know what you find.


I think it's my paranoia leading me to believe they are warts. I have been itching more in general as of late on other parts of my body, but it's just most concentrated in the area mentioned. My diet has changed recently as I have become a full-time student and began consuming a lot more coffee and tea. That could very well be the culprit.


Really odd. I'm having the exact same thing go on.