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Over the past few months, I've been experiencing random bouts of lightheadedness, or dizziness. These bouts usually only last for a second or two, and feel like a rush of blood to the head - like when you stand up too quickly. However, they did not occur when I was changing positions - they'd occur while standing still, walking around, exercising, sitting still, talking, or any other daily activity. I figured this was not the end of the world, and would wait to see if they got any worse or debilitating before going to see a doctor (since I can barely afford even a co-pay).
Since yesterday morning, these "spells" have increased dramatically. I've actually timed it - every 35 seconds, I'd feel one wave of dizziness/lightheadedness (still like a dramatic rush of blood to the head) followed by about a second of peace, followed by another wave. in exactly 35 more seconds, it would happen again. It's been 24 hours, and it's still the same. I had learned to live with it before, but not it's almost impossible to ignore.
I am right on target for my weight range (130lb 5'6'', 21 years old) have been "borderline" anemic a few years back, eat healthily and regularly. Has anyone experienced this sort of thing? Any suggestions or ideas before I bust out my savings and see the doctor?


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Hi I have this and it comes and goes but having it more and more have you got any answers ?