Lately I've been getting HORRIBLE head rushes. I have them often, and rarely every few times I would get one as bad as detailed below, but lately they have ALL been like that, and I've been getting one almost everyday! It starts with me feeling light headed - from the head rush - and I begin to see black dots all over my vision and my hearing goes in and out. If at this point I don't sit down, I will pass out. So I sit down and shake violently and uncontrollably all over, until I regain consciousness, as I'm sure that I must black out briefly because I can never remember the few seconds between sitting down and standing up. I can then get up and continue my day normally, but this is still very concerning for me! Even if I pass out instead of sitting down the same shaking thing happens, except I reach the floor in a much more painful way. The most concerning part of this for me is that I'm only 14. My mum likes to tell me that I'm just dehydrated, but I'm sure that that's not it! My parents hate doctors, and I can't get to one on my own, but this is beginning to become a serious health concern... and I just want a medical professional to put my worries to rest. Thanks, Mackayla