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I'm a 38 y/o woman who has been experiencing chronic dizziness since sept 2012. I went to see my GP in sept complaining of headache & dizziness and she dx me sinus infection and prescribed flonase & augmentin; however, I ended up getting gastritis from augmentin & d/c taking it. When she saw me in office, my infection hadn't cleared up & I was sent to an ENT. He dx me with chronic sinusitis/rhinitis & deviated septum. He also put me on prednisone, saline rinse, Allegra & Flonase...nothing worked! I was sent for MRI of inner ear/brain with/without infusion & it came back normal. My CT of head came back normal, all blood work (CBC, thyroid etc) came back normal. I was sent to cardiologist & echo came back normal! I still experience dizziness but not everyday & some days can be bad. I've also been experincing crackling in ears when yawning & swallowing or they will crack when I'm not doing anything. At times my head will have a dull pain all over or in temple area or in back of head and at times my head can be sensitive to the touch. My health hx is: mitral valve prolapse, costochondritis; IBS; arthritis in knees, chronic sinusitis/rhinitis & migraines. The ENT said to give it time, he feels it has to do with sinuses but I don't feel clogged, headache, etc. My GP feels possible anxiety & prescribed an antidepressant in which I haven't taken because I don't feel that I need to & I'm not experiencing any other symptoms! The dizziness is really getting to be annoying! When I say dizziness, I mean that room spins or I feel like I'm moving  and I'm not and it only happens for a split second at a time (when I look down, up, move head, laying down, move in bed or just sitting) & it has woken me up at times. My next step is to revisit my GP & ENT as well as get my eyes checked (last eye exam was April 2012 & all good). Any suggestions??



I know this is old but I thought I would give it a try . I too suffer from costochondritis ...I just recently maybe 3 weeks ago started to experience the lightheadedness it comes and goes no other symptoms other than a slight frontal headache ....went to the dr the first time she said blood pressure was to low ...I also have always had low to normal blood pressure ...then went again last week because it happened again ...and blood pressure was he took out blood to check for colesteral and iron some other stuff as he says that iron can do this as well.

I dont know what to do because it stops me in my tracks,,,and I dont have it all day I have it for an hour or so then it goes away but may come back latter ...there are days I dont feel it at all is disruptive to say the least as I am afraid to drive and go places alone.


I was wondering if you have any suggestions and if they have found anything health history is as follows

Suffer from costochondritis ...migraines anxiety  sinus problems.(I know this is not from anxiety)

Have had the following tests done all withing the last year up till present

Ultrasound of heart - normal no blockage oct 2012

ECG - Normal 2013

Blood Work Normal may/2013

Blood Pressure - low to normal (always have had this)

upper gi ultrasound - normal

Lower abdmin - Normal





"Migraine-associated vertigo." MAV. Sucks, sorry about that. (I've got an undiagnosed vertigo-type problem too. It's the worst). But there's many, many different treatment options. Getting diagnosed usually takes a year or two, cuz lots of doctors know surprisingly little. As you've no doubt been discovering. You can find lots of info out there on this condition. Don't get bogged down by it, or by the experiences of others who have it. Everyone is different and people with the worst, most intractable, cases are the ones who are most vocal and prominent in online discussions. Just live your life. Being happy helps. Sleep, laughter, food, avoiding migraine triggers if you can (the MAV typically doesn't have the familiar "migraine" pain associated with it). MAV typically starts up with formerly migraine sufferers in their 30's, 40's. Women often are more symptomatic monthly. First try those SSRIs, then SNRIs like Cymbalta/Effexor, then tricyclics, then calcium channel blockers, etc.. Til you find something that works.

Your symptom description sounds very similar to mine actually.