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Hey there, I was just wondering if I should go see my doctor and take a blood test to find out if there's a possibility I'm pregnant. I took a home test yesterday in the morning, and it showed up negative. I had unprotected sex two weeks ago now, and am worried that I'm pregnant.

I have had some light bleeding last night and this morning, but it isn't anything like my regular period (always extremely heavy, and with horrible cramping). I was thinking maybe it could be implantation bleeding? I've been experiencing early pregnancy symptoms such as lower back pain, nausea, and my sense of smell is very sensitive. My breasts are also super sensitive.

If anyone has personal experiences where this has happened to them, please reply so I can somewhat sleep tonight. Also, medical help is also very appreciated. I'm not sure whether I should make an appointment to my doctors or if its not needed at all?


Hi Jeanna,

If you had sex just two weeks ago it is still fairly early to test.  Give it another week or so.  When you do test, use your very first morning urine for the best accuracy and earliest results.

When is your period due?  Implantation bleeding would normally occur about a week before you expect your period.  It is also very light, no pad needed, really just "spotting."

If you post some dates when your last period STARTED, when you had sex, and how long your period normally runs we can give you some more specific information regarding chances of pregnancy.

Hope it helps.