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I was on birth control for four years than my hubby and i decided it was time to start trying. Its been since July and nothing ;/ Anyways my last period was Aug 27. I had intercourse on September 5 6 and 7 and on the 12 i had a pinkish spotting. which I read could be implantation bleeding. AFTER i read that i went crazy with the pregnancy test. My period is due thursday and I already took 6 test. ;/ i feel like a freak and my heart aches everytime its negative. ive bought the early detection tests so em i not pregnant or is it still to early? My period is due this thursday


Hi V,

It's early to test, even with the "early" tests.  Normally, you need to wait at least 2 weeks, preferably 3, after having sex to test.  When you do test, be sure to ONLY use your VERY FIRST wakeup urine.  It is more concentrate so more likely to give you an accurate result.  Also, the tests do not seem to work reliably in all women.

Missing your period is still the most reliable indicator.

Implantation bleeding would normally occur the week before your period is due and be very light.  No pad needed.

Good luck.